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  • Ten Things You Need To Know (Before You Sign up)

    Before signing up it is compulsory that you read this page right to the end. There are some things here that will determine if you will be a good fit for our community. It is important that you read this page and be happy with the conditions before joining.

    What you see is what you get
    The most important thing you need to do before joining is to look around and decide whether we will be a good fit for you. What you see is what you get. You can read the site guide here and the future plans here.

    What is this page
    The goal of this page is to make sure that you would be a good fit for our community. 

    What is khoi.biz
    khoi.biz is a small business-to-business community. We connect our members with business ideas, opportunities, guides, tips, training, information and suppliers of materials, equipment and clients to make a success of their business. We are not intended to be a  mass platform for all such as social media sites, we have a free market philosophy and people join our platform to do business and earn a living. Membership is open for like-minded individuals that share our philosophy. You can read more on our about page.

    1. Ask questions in right sections | Start your own thread
    Make sure you post your question in the right section. You are also not allowed to ask a question on someone else's thread. Even if you have the same question start a new thread as the answer to your question will be different to the other persons question. 

    2. What we don't allow
    No forex (foreign exchange market)
    No stocks (stock market)
    No MLM (multi-level-marketing)
    No pyramid schemes
    No admin fee to join schemes - You must get something for the fee
    No money exchange service
    No counterfeit

    No dormant accounts are allowed. Only sign up if you want to join the community. All dormant accounts are regularly deleted.

    No business with South African government, SA government discussions or government finance discussions allowed, no government contract discussions are allowed (foreign government discussions are allowed).

    No advertising allowed
    This community is currently for discussions only. No advertising of businesses allowed

    3. How to ask a good question
    Your ability to get good advice is based solely on the types of question you ask. Low effort questions such as "more info pls" or "i want to start this business" does not tell the community anything about you or your (potential) business. Each section has advice at the top that can be used as a template to ask a good question. Also try to ask questions specific to you rather than theoretical questions this will help you understand concepts better.

    4. We do business, not politics
    All members agree to treat all races, religions and genders the same. We are a non racial forum. All programs discussed must be available to all and anyone.
    khoi.biz is an unbiased platform open to all. Your race, religion, gender (and sexual orientation) is of no relevance here. 

    5. Nobody funds start-ups in South Africa
    Straight up. If you are looking to join our community to raise finance without income, cashflow or assets to put up as collateral its unlikely you will get the answer you want here. This is not a place where you are going to get false hope or be sent from pillar to post. You must be willing to grow a business organically. If not you won't get any value. Thinking joining our community will get you large sums of money here it will not happen.

    In South Africa you will not get finance for a business venture if you do not have existing income or assets to put up as collateral (which you shouldn't do in most cases unless you can afford to lose said asset). This is not something anyone here can help with as it deals with South Africa's macro environment. Contact your elected representative and ask them to push for the necessary structural reforms needed to help small businesses. You can get help with growing organically to the point of getting finance but it most likely won't be quick or easy. If you need large sums of money quick and easy with no existing income, no assets and no skills, you won't find it here.

    6. Language
    Only English is allowed to be spoken on our platform.

    7. No begging allowed.
    All transactions much involve an exchange for money, goods or services.
    No job listings
    This is not a job site.

    8. It is OK to disagree. 
    We don't want to become a community with a groupthink / herd mentality. We don't need to have consensus on everything! 

    9. No magic answers & No quick buck
    This is a practical platform. If you are looking for magical answers like how to access lots of money with no income or to make a quick buck with get rich quick schemes, you are in the wrong place.

    10. The first thing you need to do once you've been accepted is to change your profile picture. By default we have made the profile picture a dirt shrew to see whether you have read this compulsory list. You can use a free stock photo from unsplash/pexels/pixabay etc. or your favourite actor or you can leave the dirt shrew if you really like it.

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