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  • Site Guide

    A walk-through of our platform.

    Here is our home page and here you will find more about us. Click here to find out how to use sb2sb.com.

    Click here to find out more about buying and here if you want to find out about selling on sb2sb.com.

    Before you register, you should read both our membership page and ten things to know (before signing up).

    Members (Sellers)

    Once you have been accepted you should head over to our subscriptions page to make payment (local) or wait for our TransferWise payment details via Email (international). For local members we recommend starting with a monthly membership. For international there are only yearly memberships.

    Once approved if you already have a business and just want to advertise your products are services head over to the business page you would like to advertise on and click on the "Advertise Here" link, but before you do that read the "Business Pages Explained" link above. 

    If you are yet to start, busy starting, want to grow or fund your business head over to our framework page to guide you. 

    If you would like to participate in our community you can go to https://www.sb2sb.com/community/ but please read the community rules before joining.

    If you would like to export your product, find international suppliers and seek international markets visit our international section

    Visitors (Buyers)

    If you looking for local suppliers you can go to the relevant page an and respond to an advert or post a business lead. International business leads are not available for non members.

    Business Pages
    Each business page contains information, listings and a place to add and respond to business leads, discussions and news as well as network and share ideas.

    We also have a framework that can guide you in your business, this includes your business plan (starting, running, growing and funding a business), as well as the supply, value, logistics chain: supply chain (raw materials, manufacture, wholesale, retail), value chain (skills, equipment, materials, products, services) and logistics (transport, warehousing, distribution).


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