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  • Selling on sb2sb.com

    What you need
    Either monthly, yearly or international membership is required to post adverts on sb2sb.com.

    How to post an advert
    There are three ways to post an advert, the simplest is to go to the business page under which you would like to advertise and click on "advertise here" to advertise on that page.


    The second option is to go to the listings page https://www.sb2sb.com/listings/ and click on "Submit an advert" and choose the relevant category. 

    The third option is to go to your username on the top right, click on "New Advert" and select the category you would like to advertise on.

    How long are adverts valid
    All adverts are valid for 7 days unless deleted, you will have 5 days to renew an advert otherwise it will be permanently deleted.  Within this 5 days the advert can be renewed with the push of a button after grace period it will be removed completely and be redone from scratch. It is your responsibility to renew adverts before they expire if you intend to. 

    All adverts to be posted in the classified listings section. No ads are allowed in trade leads (members to respond respond via private message), and any discussions (including discussion pages or working groups).

    Disallowed Businesses
    We do not allow the following businesses on our platform:

    • No forex (foreign exchange market)
    • No stocks (stock market)
    • No MLM (multi-level-marketing)
    • No pyramid schemes
    • No admin fee to join schemes - You must get something for the fee
    • No money exchange service
    • No counterfeit
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