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  • Getting Started

    So you want to join sb2sb.com? Follow this guide to using sb2sb.com

    What is sb2sb.com
    sb2sb.com is a B2B (business to business) platform aimed at small businesses, entrepreneurs and people starting their own businesses. We have a place to advertise your business as well as a community to ask for advice and network.

    How to use sb2sb.com
    The correct way to navigate sb2sb.com is via the relevant business page or by using the search function.

    What you need to know
    sb2sb.com is a membership platform that is only free to join if you are looking to post a business lead and buy something, a free account will not give you access to our business features. To join costs R99 per month or R999 a year for South African citizens in South Africa and $999/year for international suppliers looking to business with South African entrepreneurs. We have strict rules please see Ten Things You Need To Know (Before You Sign up) and  our membership page before registering.

    Before you do anything else read 10 things to know before joining. If you need any more information about the ten points click the "Read more" link at the end of each point. The 10 things before joining acts as a sitemap and will help you determine if you are a good fit for our community. Make sure to read the links if something is not clear to you.

    If you just want to purchase a product advertise you can reply to the listing/advert without joining. If there are not any products available that you want to buy you can post a "business lead" which is like a request for quotation. Read our buyers page for more info. To post a business lead you would need to sign up.

    Once you have read "10 things before joining" and are happy, next go to the register page and fill in your details. Make sure to fill it in correctly as if it's not filled in correctly your application to join will not be successful.

    Once you are approved, if you are local (in South Africa) go to the subscriptions page and sign up for a membership, you will have 24 hours to sign up for membership or your account will become inactive. sb2sb.com is a membership platform and does not allow dormant accounts. International members will receive payment details via Email.

    What are you?
    If you already have a business
    and want to sell a product or service on sb2sb.com then click on the sellers page to see how to write an advert. Once you have read that you can go to any business page related to your industry and start posting adverts. You also have full use of the community to ask for advice, share your opinion or post feedback.

    If you are starting a business or need help with a business, the best place to start is the framework page, and see under which section the help you need falls under. If you are just starting out we recommend you follow the framework step by step.

    Once you have started a business you can then go to any business page and start advertising your business.

    When using sb2sb.com there are a few things to understand. The most important is business pages, here is where the business information is provided, products and services sold, trade leads and discussions. 

    Business Pages
    If you are looking for information about a business, go to the relevant page (some information is available to members only).

    Business Listings
    Use this if you have a product or service to sell.

    Business Leads
    Post here if you are looking for a product or service.

    Use this if you want to discuss anything related to that business.

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