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  • Buying on sb2sb.com

    There are two ways of buying on sb2sb.com.
    1. By responding to a classified listing
    2. By posting a "business lead"

    1. Responding to a classified listing
    Each business on sb2sb.com will contain listings if members have posted any. Look for a heading titled "{Business Name} Products and Services. It will look like this:


    Click on the listing you are interested in then click on the "Contact Advertiser" button. If the member has added a contact number it will show up, otherwise click on the "Email" button to send an Email.

    If you are not a member or not logged in, if you see neither a contact number or Email button this means that the member only allows replies from other members.

    You can also go to the listings home page to see all listings: https://www.sb2sb.com/listings

    You can also find a product by searching for it using the search bar.

    2. Posting a "business lead"
    A business lead is a request for quotation. To post a business lead requires that you sign up for free "Visitor" membership.

    Go to the relevant page and lick on the "Post Business Lead" link.

    How to write a good business lead
    Try to be as descriptive as possible with a good summary heading
    In the body of the message, add as many details as possible:
    Quantity, quality, size, width, weight, colour, condition any minimum, location, what you want and what you don't want. And also any extra notes.

    Also be clear as to what exactly are you looking for this will ensure that you receive relevant replies:
    If it's for manufacture: do you need materials, labour and equipment or do you have any of that.
    In other words if you have materials and equipment then you just need labour, or if you have materials then you just need someone with the labour/skills and equipment. Add whatever clarifying notes.

    Lastly add a photograph if possible of the product or service you are looking for if possible.

    When posting a sales lead do not post your phone or email number let someone contact you via PM (Private Message). Our members are verified, you might get scammers and spammers by making your contact details publicly available.

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