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    I buy and sell new, refurbished and secondhand business equipment.
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  1. Yes, those capsules are not cheap. But look at the space available on the counter no place really for a bigger machine or to prepare the coffee and you want a quick turnaround and with capsules your expenses and profit is easy to figure out. If you selling a cup for R20 - R25, then you know you making R10 - R15 profit per cup which can be made in 30 seconds:
  2. Nespresso Gemini series. Basically a heavy duty Nespresso machine.
  3. I see they are doing the same with masks, not even medical masks but industrial masks. I think they somehow believe they are helping by not providing a market for PPE during this "pandemic" to what end I don't know, there is enough supply. This doesn't benefit anyone, except Gumtree competitors maybe that's why they are resorting to scamming their advertisers now as business is down due to lower traffic volumes.
  4. There is no continent discussions. Malawi is a popular destination for secondhand commercial equipment, even older machinery.
  5. In case anyone was wondering the lady above is using a Brother computerised sewing and embroidery machine (looks like the SE400) , but any sewing machine will work just fine as it's straightforward stitching. And for the cutter she has a Cricut Explore Air (looks like a first generation which is slower than the 2). While it does have the benefit of convenience and ease of use, there is obviously no need for such expensive "prosumer" machines. A scissor as mentioned will work just fine, so will a manual or electric rotary cutter:
  6. I know where this is, it's Brackenfell Shopping Centre on the corner of Old Paarl and Brackenfell Boulevard. This particular building does not have a prominent presence, it is actually quite hidden in that you have to either enter the centre or walk around it. In the photo above you have to walk past the KFC and turn left at the end of the liquor shop and then walk around the building. From the inside of that centre it's that side where the Planet sports bar used to be (the Google Street View photos are outdated). I looked on Google and it appears it is a relatively new building that was still under construction when the Street View was captured in 2017: The view from Brackenfell Boulevard From inside the centre (outdated) From inside the centre (outdated) Satellite view (building circled) @PintelI'm sure your photos are clearer than mine :)
  7. I think DIY items should be essential, it does not have to be business related, but hobbies help with boredom and keeping busy can be good for mental health. You can also take this time to learn a new skill like wood carving or build something you always wanted to do. People have tension, stress and anxiety they worried about the future, they can't buy cigarettes or alcohol, keeping busy is a good way to pass the time.
  8. I use a similar method to you. I use a product called "Tool-in-a-Can" which is a multi-purpose lubricant I spray on almost everything that needs to be lubricated including to remove sticker residue. Tool-in-a-Can is basically a cheaper Q20/WD-40 made by Shield Chemicals which is known for their affordable car cleaning products.
  9. That is a radar speed gun. A Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun to be exact. Retail in South Africa is anywhere from R2000 to R4000 according to a cursory Google search ($97.99 from Amazon and $149.99 from Bushnell). This is obviously not intended for law enforcement or professional sports purposes. People in the Amazon reviews mention what they use theirs for. I'm not sure how popular this product is locally or what its commonly used for here.
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