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    Nutritionist based in Cape Town.
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  1. That is just the thing I know that couriers will cost too much and how hard will it be to find a reliable private driver with vehicle?
  2. Sorry I wasn't clearer, yes they are meal kits that still has to be prepared. I haven't figured out how I will preserve them in transit yet but local competitors use ice packs.
  3. Hi, guys I am a nutritionist, I would like to start a business that makes healthy food for different diets (vegan, vegetarian, meat-based) and deliver it to my clients. Basically people sign up for a subscription and say how often they want food delivered (and what type). I have a supplier, I have the equipment and kitchen facility and a chef preparing the food, my problem is how do I get it from my kitchen to the customer in a cost effective manner? I project about 50 meals a day, three days a week (and to double that in future both in meals and days), all over the Cape, however as I am a small business I do not want to formally employ a driver and would prefer to outsource the delivery. What is my best option? Thanks in advance.
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