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  1. They were blocking most PPE, some ads just immediately disappeared and did not even go to moderated. The trick is to not put the "offending" words in the title but in the body of the ad. Like if you advertising a 3M respirator. "Respirator" is a bad word according to Gumtree so you can get around that by putting the model name in the title but respirator in the body.
  2. No problem. No it's a hassle to sign up. Aramex for small parcels PostNet for medium parcels Bigfoot Express for large parcels I was looking for a prepaid courier service that will collect at my door. At the moment I use Aramex store-to-door* and PostNet to PostNet which I have to drop off which takes time and is more a hassle due to COVID-19. So I just wanted a prepaid courier service that was as simple as that. With Aramex you know what will fit in the bag and if you make cutoff time the bag is at its destination the next morning; with PostNet its easy to work out, know how long it takes and no surprises because the recipient has to collect it at PostNet. Courier Guy surcharges makes me nervous. I do mostly once-off deals its not like I go and chase after the extra money from buyers. But it is something I am looking into. I will let you know how it goes if I sign up. *Aramex also takes longer to outlying areas and has surcharges and no insurance, but I have never had any problems.
  3. I don't use it but I did call in and they sent me the details. They give you an account with reference to put the money in starting with R1000 ex vat so R1150. And each time you use the service the money gets deducted from that amount. The balance must not drop below R100 and subsequent deposits of R1150 has to be made. There is two types of accounts the "one rate national" and another one "online 2" I think. Under certain circumstances the one rate account will be cheaper than the online 2 like for larger packages. But for smaller packages it's not so cheap, one rate has a minimum charge of R110 for a overnight package up to 2kg and R38 per kg thereafter and on the online 2 package the minimum charge is R80 up to 2kg with R35 extra per kilo and the caveat of a R60 a "regional (outlying)" surcharge. You have to choose one account which complicates matters if you have packages of varying sizes and weights. I found their whole pricing structure a tad confusing because they have these two different accounts with different prices, then there is the local pricing, national overnight courier, domestic airfreight and the national road freight pricing each with multiple tiers for distance/time/weight. But after spending some time reading it I got a better picture. They also send you a 8 page document to fill in including a "bond of surety" which I found strange for a prepaid account. They do have some crazy surcharges like R455 for "chainstore, embassy, government departments" which I found excessive. So if you have R1150 in your account and send ten R110 packages to those places you can end up with a bill of R4500. So maybe that's why they want you to sign surety. Honestly, I wasn't too impressed by their pricing (the online 2 prices is vat exclusive according to forms) I thought they are much cheaper considering how popular they are, maybe credit accounts are cheaper especially if you doing higher volumes.
  4. R10 for a box of 3 for the current Moirs type. So R3.33 each.
  5. She works for Bivest Protea Coin they were hired by the cellular operators to investigate battery theft. Remember what that guy said at 8:50 to the police a battery is a battery. She has the same authority like me and you to arrest someone (citizens arrest) the rest is just theatrics to appear tough, although waiting for police to arrive would have taken a long time and criminals would have gotten away. They don't show her face when making the arrest but the inference is there and the numberplace on the Merc under surveillance is the same unless it was just recreated. I Google's her and she's a "divisional executive". I see even their COO was at the scene of arrest. I think it's all publicity maybe to show network operators that they are doing their work. That being said it is a parasitic ecosystem that should not even exist so many people are making money here; millions on private investigators, millions on replacement batteries and the consumers will eventually pay.
  6. I took a web design course there is an element in CSS (that deals with the cosmetics of a web page) where you can stack an element called a z-index. And you can hide elements both removing it completely and removing it but it still takes up space. That being said I think the porn and piracy sites use a more "interactive" technique where if you right click or move the mouse over a certain point and it will open an ad and they use popups as well. @Ken did this just happen on one place or on different places on the Gumtree website.
  7. I've tried the Moirs brand before, I don't think it is value for money. It produces a really small "cake" that takes up less than half the size of the mug its like the size of a muffin or cupcake. Yes, I know its a cake in a mug but I thought it would fill up the mug like on the box. You will need two packets to fill up a mug. Yes it is freshly baked but it is not worth what it sells for. It needs to be much cheaper, even R20 a box of 4 (R5 per cake) is steep and too much in my view.
  8. I sell Riso printers, A4 and A3 models, only single colours currently available, but I can supply different colour drums. I currently have the following models available: CR 1610 A4 RZ 370 A3 Good condition, cost effective and fast! Up to 130 pages per minute print I have a few other models and machines that can be used as spares. Collection location: Cape Town, ZA
  9. Thank you will do. Btw on the international trade section I see only International Trade discussions and individual country, but not continent for Africa. Should I put it under International Trade or is there a country I should add it under?
  10. Thank you @Ramon BuySell, @IT Guy and @Mesa Verde for all your guys input, I will mainly stick to Gumtree for now, I have noted more interest in the days since lockdown has been relaxed. I specialise in commercial printing equipment, litho, digital, sublimation, screen-printing, Riso's etc.
  11. I've started buying and selling secondhand goods again, back in the day I used to advertise on Cape Ads which is no longer published, but was owned by Junk Mail. I'm currently using Gumtree and OLX but it's a bit slow, I see that Junk Mail still has a website. Is it a worthwhile to advertise there or should I not waste my time? I went to the Cape Town section and it's just cars from Auto Mart on all the first five pages I scrolled through.
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