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  1. Thank you @Brakish so go from serving the worker in the street to their workplace?
  2. Hello people I've been following this guy's story, he started a business selling sandwiches on the street in Joburg's CBD. How would one grow a business like this to the next level and what would that next level look like?
  3. Thank you very much @Meat Packer
  4. Sheepskin wanted to buy Type: Preferably merino curly fleece Location: I am based in the Eastern Cape, close to East London.
  5. Thank you for the insight @Mesa Verde I think the main thing I have to figure out is if I "can source a constant supply of sheepskin at a consistent price and produce enough in a day" from there on I can look deeper at the next steps.
  6. Good evening @Admin could you please make the footwear page live - https://www.sb2sb.com/draft/footwear/
  7. Hello Guys I want to start a footwear brand starting with sheepskin slippers, I will manufacture it myself and sell it wholesale, maybe 10 pairs at a time. I learnt to operate sewing machines working for a guy that made leather sneakers, so know more or less how to make it and I chose sheepskin slippers as it is easy to construct, doesn't need expensive equipment and sell at a higher price than grandpa slippers. I want to enter the market by selling my slippers at a much lower price than existing brands which sell for around R600 a pair for 100% sheepskin. My problem comes in sourcing raw materials especially the sheepskin itself, I can't source it for cheap enough to reach my target cost price as the sellers are not flexible with their pricing. I don't have a lot of capital to buy in bulk, I have enough to make 100 slippers maybe. I don't want to give away too much information about my pricing but at the moment I can only make around R100 per pair of slippers when selling wholesale and the reseller has to make R100 as well if we want to be much cheaper than other brands. What can I do to make this business a sustainable one? In case you don't know how sheepskin slippers look like, they look like this:
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