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  1. Thank you for your insight @Mesa Verde it is definitely something to think about: how low I can bring down the cost of production / can I make it tastier / should I change strategy and focus on making whole cakes. Lots to think of. A Moir's portion I believe is made for a 200ml size mug, which are those small tea cup sizes. A normal coffee mug is 250 - 350ml and up to 500ml and even bigger. So if you have a bigger mug it will look tiny in there. How much would you be willing to pay per single portion/packet? And how much will you be willing to pay for a box? How many portions/packets do you think should be in a box?
  2. Thank you very much @Mesa Verde for taking the time to reply, it has been very helpful and it is important to get unbiased advice than what you get from friends and family. Just to pick your brain, why do you think it is not very popular or hasn't really taken off?
  3. Hey guys I have developed a few recipes for a "cake in a mug" premix that I want to package and sell it in retail stores in single servings. All you have to do is put the mix in a mug, add milk and microwave for 90 seconds. While there are existing products out there I want to charge a bit less and have a wider variety. At the moment chocolate and vanilla are the most popular flavours and there are caramel and cappuccino. I want to take the concept further with flavours like blueberry, red velvet, Madeira etc. At the moment they sell for around R35 for four (Moir's) and R55 for four (Woolworths) I can easily beat this pricing by supplying retailers at a much lower price. Do you think this product will take off where it will be a sustainable single product business? Both Moir's and Woolworths sell a myriad or products but they will by my only product. Any input will be appreciated. P.S. Here are some example photos I found on Google
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