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  1. Daily Dish uses Picup for logistics and Poly Ice for their ice packs.
  2. Good summary and submission. I agree that Edcon's footprint can be used to do money sending and ticket selling services as they have so many branches, but they can also be used to take over some functions of the post office, delivery point for couriers and act as collection points for E-commerce sellers etc. But their expensive floor space is a challenge for any scenario. Logistics networks depend on cheap warehouse space; it will probably be cheaper to deliver to people's houses than to let parcels be stored in the shop waiting for collection.
  3. I personally don't use it, I feel it's a bit too verbose, in that it duplicates certain functions and that you might even end up with a longer business plan if you follow it as a "building block" due to unnecessary parts.
  4. Hi Guys I just want to get your thoughts on the "Business Model Canvas" do you use it? If yes/no, why/why not? Thanks Alexander Osterwalder pioneered a new method for developing a business plan with a one-page template. It provided all of the structure of a business plan, without the inconsistencies and vagaries of “back of the napkin” business idea sketches.
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