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  1. Thank you @Mesa Verde which areas do you think people will visit this mall from?
  2. Thank you @Mesa Verde for the detailed reply. I have been thinking deeply about it, the reason I wanted to open a retail butchery was not only to find another "client" to wholesale my meat to (and make profits on wholesale and retail side) but also something that I can sell down the line for my retirement. Do you think having control of wholesale and retail is still not a big enough advantage to successfully pull it off in a mall setting? I am ideally looking for a location that will bring a lot of feet coming through the door and move a lot of meat on a daily basis. The abattoir information is very interesting and something I had thought of before but passed due to high cost of setup, but I did some research and went on the mobile abattoir website (mobileabattoirs.co.za), it seems it was invented for use out in the veld, I have to look into it further and look at the possibility of a more compact abattoir something in-between a full abattoir and a mobile one that can share premises with the wholesale packing operation. Thanks again for the help, it is much appreciated.
  3. Hi, I sent you the details of a contact up north.
  4. I own a meat wholesaler that cuts and prepares meat for retail. I've always wanted to own a retail butchery (non-halaal) but with all major shops in malls having their own butcheries is it still worth it to open one? Retail is where a lot of profit margin is compared to wholesale. I feel that butchers in major retailers are way too expensive and it shouldn't be a problem to undercut them.
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