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  1. So it is a very expensive to operate machine?
  2. I saw at a kiosk at the waterfront a while back.
  3. I have a small pub with some slot machines and rooms to let. At the beginning of lockdown I wasn't too worried as the quiet time gave me space to do some long planned renovations obviously in anticipation that lockdown will end and the economy will be opened up. Now I am starting to get worried. I cannot help thinking what is the real endgame with all these levels. It does not appear to be a coherent strategy. What is the community's thoughts?
  4. I've been noticing something really interesting, the people who last delivered my lockdown orders from Takealot.com were all foreigners with imported cars (foreign plates) of vehicles that were never sold in SA. I wonder if there is some organized movement behind this: buy a cheap reliable car in African country, drive to SA and make money or if its just individuals acting on their own. It will be interesting to know what is Takealot.com's rationale behind this. I see on their careers page their requirements seems really lax for foreigners.
  5. Even worse than porn and piracy sites, this is external content masquerading as local content and when the person clicks on a listing it goes to an external site and Gumtree gets money. I wonder if its sanctioned by Gumtree's parent eBay to fatten up their classifieds business before sale or its of its rogue elements or even accidental like maybe the ads were to be shown below that and is instead showing above and invisible. But can wan we expert such incompetence from eBay/Gumtree ? Unless locals are doing the design and development :D Though I read that at big companies extensive testing gets done for even the smallest changes to websites.
  6. SAPS does not even follow up in leads in murder cases so asking them to investigate fraud is asking a lot. They did not want to follow up tracking the cell phone of a murder victim because they assumed that the person in possession of the phone was not the murderer. Be that as it may, the person in possession of that phone could have led them to the person who they got the phone from and that person could have led them to the murderer, through you know detective work. SAPS is dysfunctional: the bad is lazy and incompetent while the good is overworked and under-resourced.
  7. South Africa's pedantic implementation of Covid-19 lockdown regulations reminds me of the British implementation of VAR (Video Assistant Referee) in the English Premier League whereby each contentious decision is scrutinised pixel by pixel creating confusion instead of clarity, eventually losing sight of the main objective. People could have been kept safe, jobs saved instead of destroyed if we just had to allow simple things to happen such as Ecommerce, which everyone - even brick-and-mortar shops can partake in. There would be an increase in the need for delivery and courier services which will help the people and economy as well. Thing is, it's really hard to say if our politicians are really that dumb that they cannot see the long-term damage they are doing to the economy or if they have an ulterior motive to finally succeed in creating equality in South Africa: everyone equally poor.
  8. Something for the renovation guys, currently on liquidation auction: Description: Main House: • Entrance hall • Lounge • Dining room • Kitchen • 4x bedrooms • 3x bathrooms First floor: • Bedroom • Kitchen • Bathroom • 1 Bedroom Flatlet Other: • Double Garage • Swimming pool • Tennis court • Jacuzzi NOTES: • Currently illegally occupied • Access not obtainable - sold ‘site unseen’ • All images and information based on our 2018 site inspection
  9. I was looking for what a property with a tennis court will sell for in Cape Town and actually found tennis courts that was once part of a property being sold as a plot. I think its good news we are seeing densification in the upper suburbs for whatever the reason, a lot of these suburbs have massive plots. The prices are still crazy but it's a step in the right direction. Click on the images for the full listing.
  10. Yes, quite a lot in fact but not in the way that you thinking, it forced is to take our pub completely "off the water grid". After the City of Cape Town's shenanigans during the water crises, first digging up yards and installing meters without permission, water to our establishment was restricted, we queried it and got the run-around. I remembered that there was a borehole on the premises and dug it up, bought a water tank which is being fed by the borehole which in turn feeds the property all the water it requires. And we never used a litre of municipal water again. We still get charged a fixed monthly water charge even though we don't use any municipal water, this fee is apparently based on the size of your water connection regardless how much water you use.
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