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  1. @Fred Contact the Open Society Foundations they apparently want everybody to live in a nice house in a nice area so let them fund it.
  2. I've seen this as well, the problem is some places were designed to always have security (due to location or building design), taking them away poses a risk and ends up with access control that is not secure.
  3. Parow, especially Parow Central has become a crime-ridden migrant slum in recent years, so this will be good news for slum lords. I think with these heritage restrictions lifted we are far more likely to see the area descent into a Hillbrow or Yeoville lookalike where you don't have trap houses but instead trap towers where entire apartment complexes are infested with drug dealers and prostitutes. This should have been opposed, the area needs more regulation not less.
  4. I've been eyeing this plot in Ridgeworth, close to Tyger Valley (accessible via Bill Bezuidenhout Ave and Old Oak Rd). It was initially listed for R3m, it is now listed as low as 2.34m, 1010m2, it is situated on the corner of Old Oak and Ridgeworth drive close to both Durban Road and the N1. It is opposite the Old Oak office park and Tuscan Park Villas but on the opposite, residential side. https://www.property24.com/for-sale/ridgeworth/bellville/western-cape/9505/107548876 Google Maps Street View (taken 2013) show people working on the foundation: But it never got past that phase and listing photos show it unkept: Other listing description says plans were approved for a 15 bedroom guesthouse: The main challenge is that this is a residential area and you would be limited in what you can build, guest houses aren't really our thing as it is labour and capital intensive to operate but in built-up areas in good locations vacant land in Cape Town is hard to find.
  5. 27 Grey Street, Welgemoed, 4300m2, listed for R12 million. It stretches almost as far as the Tyger Waterfront. https://www.property24.com/for-sale/welgemoed/bellville/western-cape/9487/107801059 https://www.property24.com/for-sale/welgemoed/bellville/western-cape/9487/107096395 Got approval for plans to build a 12 unit complex
  6. So on the one hand it might cost as much as (or more than) a year's rent to evict someone (while still having to pay bond and municipal rates) whereas with commercial you might not get tenants at all, a choice between bad and bad? Is buy-to-let dead in SA?
  7. Here is another two plots for sale in Plattekloof 2285 m2 Plot for Sale in Plattekloof R3 650 000 884m2 Plot for Sale in Plattekloof (Baronetcy Estate) @Mesa Verde
  8. I saw this listing on Property24, nice and big in Brackenfell, I've was reading the coworking business page and market opportunity, I agree I think there will be a need for smaller, subdivided spaces in future. Rent is pricey but if it can be divided many ways and landlords make good profit to justify the extra work of extra tenants to deal with but more importantly get big spaces that have been standing for ages being occupied. Here we have an 800m2 building for R112 000 a month (R140m2), still too pricey but it is a good example of buildings that can be converted into multi-vendor marketplaces. https://www.property24.com/to-rent/brackenfell-central/brackenfell/western-cape/16670/108138332
  9. Strange that a police station is being rented month to month. If you look at Google Street View, the road is painted, there is a sign on the main road leading in (Voortrekker I think) and there is a sign outside that looks like it has been there for a long time, and they don't have a lease?
  10. 950m2 for R3 mil What do you guys think? https://www.property24.com/for-sale/plattekloof/parow/western-cape/8190/105393947
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