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  1. Just to be clear, you have neither land nor funds nor assets to put up as collateral to fund this project?
  2. Adevinta eventually prevailed: Adevinta acquires eBay’s Classifieds business unit in $9.2B deal
  3. The National Coronavirus Command Council has lifted the ban on the sale of alcohol and cigarette, said President Cyril Ramaphosa. Source: EWN
  4. South Africa's largest news website, Naspers/Media24 owned News24 recently announced that they will be adopting a paywall on some of their articles with a monthly fee of R75 to read those "locked" articles. This will open an interesting paradigm, News24 is South Africa's largest news website, and while Media24 have already done it on their Afrikaans websites, it remains to be seen how effective it will be on the more popular English News24 website. What do you think, will you pay to read News24? And how do you think this will impact the online business landscape in SA, will more sites adopt it, but more importantly will it help normalise paying for content in SA?
  5. Before you start any business you need to understand it and should at least develop theoretical knowledge about the business and the industry's Supply Value Logistics chain. To tag other members (and notify them of a question or reply) you can either quote what they said or use @ @Mesa Verde @Brakish like on Tweeter.
  6. According to the Pilipino Banna Growers and Exporters Association, banana exports in 2020 are expected to decrease to 162M boxes (USD 1.53B), a 20% decline from 195M boxes in 2019. It also expressed how there is a risk of China seeking alternative sources from Vietnam and Cambodia in the upcoming months. The Philippines is already facing competition with Latin American suppliers in two major markets South Korea and Japan.
  7. A year ago DPO Group acquired popular local payment processes PayFast. DPO Group is now itself to be acquired up by Dubai based Network International for a reported $288 million (R4.9 billion).
  8. SA has lost more in tax revenue since the lockdown began than the loans it got from two multilateral development agencies. SARS Commissioner, Edward Kieswetter, says there was a need to raise R40 billion more in the February budget but that gap has widened significantly because of Covid-19. Tax Relief measures and the ban of tobacco products and alcohol sales have led to an under-recovery of about R47 billion in tax collections. South Africa lost more in tax revenue in the first three-and-half months of its fiscal year than it borrowed from the International Monetary Fund and the African Development Bank (AfDB) combined. In the three months through June, there was an under-recovery of about R47 billion, with excise-duty collections including levies on alcohol, tobacco products and fuel contracting 42% from a year earlier. "The reality is that there was a need in February to raise R40 billion more," said Kieswetter. "Right now, that need is significantly bigger than R40 billion because of the coronavirus." While some restrictions have since been eased, many businesses have closed and the 30.1% unemployment rate is set to worsen, further weighing on tax collections. In a supplementary budget in June, the government cut its revenue projection for this fiscal year by more than R300 billion. South Africa’s top income-tax rate is 45%, corporate tax is 28% and VAT is 15%. It has little room to raise levies with the ratio of tax revenue to GDP at 26%, compared with a global average of 15%, according to World Bank data. Read more at News24
  9. Hi @Dean you not doomed if you are willing to put in the work required, certainly if you can find a way to get or save more to risk that would be beneficial, I know that work is scarce and getting scarcer, but here we say you can start with nothing if you are willing to start right at the bottom, you have already acknowledged that there is lots of work ahead, start here: How to use Smuse. @Mesa Verde @Brakish weigh in please.
  10. One of the agricultural sectors most affected by the pandemic in Australia is the beef industry, for which cattle abattoirs have reduced almost half of the amount of beef being butchered. The tariff increase in China earlier this month to 12% import tariffs, its biggest export market, and the latest spike in COVID-19 infection rates in its second-biggest export market the US, are also posing challenges for Australian beef exporters.
  11. Tridge Seasonal Market Report July 2020: Avocado
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