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  1. All I am hearing is vague statements designed to pacify. Does anyone know what is really going on here? Does the credit bureau really believe this person was just sitting on this information for months and did nothing with it? Not even make a backup?
  2. There was one for sale here in Constantia as well; I saw when I was going through listings once. It's been removed but you can see it here: https://www.property24.com/for-sale/constantia/cape-town/western-cape/11742/108298888 https://www.property24.com/for-sale/constantia/cape-town/western-cape/11742/108301151 I don't think the sellers really care about densification, it's probably sold out of necessity or it's simply not needed. If your income is taking a knock (lots of people's investment income is drying up) and children are out of the house, why do you need to continue paying rates for something that you don't need? And let me tell you about rates in these areas, I recently saw a house with rates of R26800 a month.
  3. I don't really understand the issue but if a broken conveyor belt, wet coal or jellyfish can plunge a country into darkness then we have problems beyond what scheduled maintenance will fix. The situation is quite frankly ridiculous.
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