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  1. I was going to say that you can create an electric fabric cutter for less than R1200 and have a cordless screwdriver by combining a Bosch IXO with a cutter adapter but then I watched the review and it does not cut fabric well at all.
  2. I think that when you buy higher end tools you expect a higher calibre salesperson than what you would find at Checkers. Now I'm not saying that Builders or Brights salespeople are very good, but in my experience a Checkers salesperson can't even tell you the difference between basic stuff let alone a high-end tool and unless they hire people with hardware experience I see them continuing with that strategy: very basic power tools catering to the casual home DIY user. That being said I'm not even sure Checkers has trained salespeople, it appears to me when you need help they just call the people who pack the shelves or who oversee the packing of shelves.
  3. Checkers also sells another "bargain" brand, with actual German roots called Einhell it appears Checkers with Schultz (which is a name of German origin) has a similar strategy but cheaper. It is a classic low-cost business model. These brands value proposition is "Can you find a better tool for the price?"
  4. I am well thank you :) Good to hear, let us know how it goes, I have a few die grinders I want to list in the classifieds, I can just refer people to this accessory kit as I don't have a lot of accessories to include. By comparison a Dremel 150 piece kit costs R655 see below. Well that's Cash Convertors for you selling secondhand product (sometimes without warranty) more than what they cost new.
  5. Some hardware stores are now allowed to open but only for "emergency repairs at homes". Maintaining a register of persons buying essential goods, and keeping a record of signed declarations sounds like a hell of an administrative burden.
  6. For occasional DIY use their power tools get the job done but not for industrial work. I once urgently needed a jigsaw to cut some plywood, I looked at a secondhand shop and the cheapest used was R1000 and not evens a premium brand. So I bought a Schultz at Checkers I think it was like R229 or something and it comes with 1 year guarantee. They are honest with what you are getting as they state on their boxes "for DIY use only" and their guarantee terms excludes commercial use. How was it? Well, you get what you pay for, the blades are crap and I had to go back to buy a set of blades, which was like R60 for 14 I think. But it got the job done, you need a steadier hand to cut straight with these tools as it doesn't have anti-vibration as found on more expensive tools (Makita, Dewalt etc.), and I only used it that one time. But it would have been more costly if I had to take it to someone to cut or buy a used high-mileage machine that I can't sell to get the money back. Now even if I sell it for half of the R290 it cost me, I will still be happy.
  7. That is Shoprite Checkers Schultz "Pro Tools" brand, it's cheap supermarket tools (cheaper than Ryobi and Black & Decker cheap). Their power tools are intended for light DIY tasks and not for commercial use. I have no experience with this accessory set. Go to your nearest Checkers tool section and see what it costs and whether it will be worth your while for what you intend to use it for.
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