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    Here is a guide you can follow with links to get started with help for your business. Business Building Blocks Business Idea: Description / Value Proposition Problem Worth Solving / Market Need Business Model: How will you be solving the problem Strategy: Competition: Who else is solving this problem besides you / how/how much Target Market: Who are you solving the problem for Sales Channels / Where are you offering service / selling product from Marketing, Advertising & Sales: How are you telling your Target Market about your Solution and getting them to your Sales Channel Operations: What Resources & People do you need to carry out your Budget & Sales Goals: How much will you need / How much will it cost you to carry out Value Proposition & How much will you charge Funding Needs: How will you fund your startup, operations & growth
  2. Framework Discussions Goes Here
  3. And we are back online, an Email will be going out soon to notify current members. Our framework is still work in progress, so if you need any clarification you can ask in the framework section. I will provide updates as the Council provides them to be. @Ken
  4. Dear Members Our community will reopen Wednesday 21 October 2020 both for existing and new members for discussions only. Please also change your location to the following format: Town, City or Province + postal code to follow our Trade Route convention. New information will be made available as is provided to me. As per usual PM me with any queries you may have. Thanks, Mookie
  5. Dear Members Thank you for your patience, as mentioned there will be a few changes. The current platform is too cumbersome and too complex for some for what we wanted to achieve. We will be exiting our "renovation" mode with the following changes: The community will be housed at a new domain (khoi.biz). All current members will be refunded their membership fee in full Businesses, International Trade and Listings will be spun out into the new platform in future. We will be opening the community up to new members with less restrictions than before. We will be adding third party advertising to compensate for the extra work and server requirements. Remember in the past the community was just auxiliary to the overall platform of facilitating trade between serious buyer and seller, with a more open community things will change a bit. If things get too out of hand we will simply tighten things up and restrict membership again. Remember we were always a serious B2B platform where business got done and not a place to waste time chit-chatting. I am also asking you a big favour in future all threads need to have a tag and suffix, but as this was not the case in the past please to go into your post history and add a prefix to identify what that post was, I know it's a big ask for some with a lot of content but we want to add some structure as we have removed individual categories. Let me know if you are too busy and I will sort it out for you. Please prefix content as following: Question: You ask a question that you need answered. In this thread people were to answer your question and stay on topic. Discussion: You start a discussion point where everyone in the community can partake in Wanted: You are looking for a product or service to pay for (begging will also not be allowed as it goes against our beliefs). Offer: This is for Vendors only looking to sell a product or service. News: This is to share industry news. If possible please also add a tag to the thread, that way people will be able to find a business via tag like "food business" if you talking about food. We will no longer allow listings or buy leads on this community. It is only for information. Anyone not abiding by the rules account will be terminated. One more thing: please also change your location to the following format: Town, City or Province + postal code. New information will be made available as is provided to me. As per usual PM me with any queries you may have. Thanks, Mookie P.S. The move went somewhat smoothly with the exception of two threads I accidentally deleted, incidentally from South Africa's International Trade section, they are the following:
  6. Thread policy If you have a question, even one similar to an existing thread. Start your own thread, that thread author will not appreciate you taking his thread off topic.
  7. All plastic recycling business discussions goes here. This includes: Plastic Recycling Business
  8. Post it under Recycling Business Leads.
  9. All hair business discussions goes here. This includes: Hair Business
  10. Post it under Hair Business Leads.
  11. All gem business discussions goes here. This includes: Gem Business
  12. All healthcare business discussions goes here. This includes: First Aid Business Healthcare / Medical Business Hygiene Business
  13. Post it under Healthcare Business Leads.
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