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  1. That woman in the video that think she's a cowboy with a handbag, she is not police, no? on what authority is she making arrests and and at gunpoint. She is taking details at around 8 minutes and around 10 minutes she is making an arrest. She seems more in control than the police is.
  2. Hello I read this article on CNN: Alcohol ban has South African distilleries pivoting to a new product https://edition.cnn.com/2020/04/21/africa/south-africa-alcohol-ban-gin-distilleries-hand-sanitzer-spc-intl/index.html I'm just curious, they say they are giving their sanitisers away for free and in bulk, yet CNN says "these brands are showing how the private sector can help the public sector combat Covid-19 while remaining solvent as a business" and the founder says "It cannot be business as usual," "To keep your business alive, you have to adapt to a new set of values and a new business model which recognizes and gives priority to sustainable practices, and embraces social and environmental responsibility." How is giving a product away for free keeping you solvent when you have material, labour and other operational costs (water, electricity) and how is giving a product away for free a "new business model"? The article provides zero indications as to who is funding this free sanitisers. Am I missing something here?
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