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  1. Great for starting a hiring business (when things are back to normal), although some opening bids are high.
  2. The nonsense that Gumtree allows but just try to make an honest living on the platform then they remove your ads.
  3. It's fairly good, they do get a lot of traders and things can get hectic when they have good specials, so you have to get there quick before it gets too full or you will get Black Friday style pushing and shoving and people scratching in your trolley (true story).
  4. I'm on the Woody's WhatsApp group, this is a real factory shop (a shop in which goods, especially surplus stock, are sold directly by the manufacturers at a discount) not a retail outlet masquerading as a factory shop.
  5. Thank you @mr nobody That doesn't sound "AS EASY AS BUYING AIRTIME FOR A CELLPHONE!" Which courier are you currently using?
  6. Oh wow! The wholesome Gumtree resorting to porn and pirate tactics to make a quick buck. I never thought I'd see the day.
  7. I was watching eNCA Checkpoint on forex fraud and Devi's new show on PPE (personal protective equipment) scams under COVID-19 And found that police are turning victims of fraud away telling them that it is a civil matter, leading them in both cases to hire private investigators. I am not a lawyer, but should the police not investigate whether there is a fraud case or not? In the forex matter the police said because a contract was signed it is automatically a civil matter. One would think that the police would investigate and interview the alleged scammer as to whether he actually did use the people's money to trade and didn't maybe spend it on something like prostitutes and drugs. In the PPE matter the complainant was told the same thing: So what is happening now? Do we have no recourse against fraudsters? If a "supplier" runs off with your money does the invoice make it civil rather than criminal? The PPE supplier does not appear to have had any intention to supply the products, even saying as much as he got the money and admits to not sending it. Besides private healthcare and security are we going to be needing to hire private investigators to investigate crime and hand deliver the evidence into SAPS detectives laps do they can prepare a docket and open a case to be send for prosecution? Why bother paying taxes if you have to pay for tax funded government functions separately?
  8. I haven't used Junk Mail in many years I'm talking from when the Cape Ads still existed. I remember it having a horrible and cluttered interface and going back now it's still as "busy" as I remember it. The way the current design is it appears the main objective is to have people click on Google adverts, yes Gumtree also have ads and it has gotten worse in recent years but you are able to distinguish between the two. I went on their place advert page and even that is has adverts on. I only use Gumtree (yes they have their shortcomings), and bidorbuy on occasion. Business is slow all over due to the corona virus but things are picking up as the economy opens more and more. Rather keep your ads updated on Gumtree regularly than waste time seeking out every other classifieds platform, Gumtree show up high in search engines as well. What type of items are you selling?
  9. I have put posted a trade lead for the manufacture of manufacture 1000 face masks. I will supply the all the raw materials courtesy of @Material Boy. Requirements: Only labour and equipment required. Price per unit: R5. Deadline: 30 days. More information.
  10. I tried to sell hand sanitiser on Gumtree and got this message: I see on their website they have an even longer list of conditions: I don't understand why they doing this, I am selling a quality product at a fair price, hospitals have their own supply chains and procurement channels, and hospitals can post wanted ads if they still need. Also, this means people will find it harder to buy hand sanitiser close to them so they don't have to travel far, it's something they have been advised to use and it will prevent infections (less people ending up in the hospital). Also I have an essentials permit since "Level 5". To think these guys used to run ads saying "Anyone can start a business on Gumtree", bunch of nonsense!.
  11. Thanks @Business Machines I thought it was some kind of night spotting scope (see pic), a speed gun has a small market in SA and is worth less than a spotter scope.
  12. When I'm out looking for stock I often take photos of stuff that I am not familiar with to research the value of when I get home. I saw this thing among my photos, did a Google reverse image search and suggested as "power tool". I know Bushnell makes optics products, I've been going through a image search of their products but only binoculars and scopes are coming up? What is this thing used for and what is it worth?
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