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  • Membership

    sb2sb.com is a B2B platform that requires membership to participate.

    There are three local membership tiers for people living in South Africa:
    Visitor (post buy leads): Free
    Provisional Member (monthly membership): R99 per month
    Member (annual membership): R999 per year

    And one tier for all international members:
    International Membership: $999 pper year

    South African visitors (SA citizens in South Africa only)
    South African based visitors looking to buy a product or service (post business leads): Free

    Membership pricing (SA citizens in South Africa only)
    South African Membership (advertise business, access member -only information and participate in business discussions, ask questions get advice etc.): R99 per month (provisional) and R999 year (member).

    Membership pricing (International - All other countries)
    International Suppliers: $999USD per year.

    What does membership get you?
    Membership allows you to advertise your business, its products and services on our platform as well as network with fellow entrepreneurs.
    You can advertise your business in relevant pages and categories, access to member only information and let's you participate in our community with fellow entrepreneurs.

    Disallowed Businesses
    We do not allow the following businesses on our platform:

    • No forex (foreign exchange market)
    • No stocks (stock market)
    • No MLM (multi-level-marketing)
    • No pyramid schemes
    • No admin fee to join schemes - You must get something for the fee
    • No money exchange service
    • No counterfeit

    How to join

    The first thing to do is to read Ten things Ten Things You Need To Know (Before You Sign up)

    Then fill in the registration form found here: https://www.sb2sb.com/register

    Your application will then go through a human moderated process to see whether you quality for membership. This could take up to 24 hours. If you have not heard from us in 24 hours consider your application unsuccessful. 

    Once approved you have to make payment for membership within 24 hours if you opted for membership. Your approval Email will contain the following details:

    South African payment to be done via PayFast here. You can choose between monthly payment of R99 per month or yearly payment of R999 per year. We recommend you start with monthly to see whether or not its a good fit for you.

    International suppliers payment to be made via TransferWise once approval Email received in order for account to be opened.

    How to fill in the registration form

    Display Name (required)
    The Display name is the Username you would like to use, ideally your business or trading name. This and location is the only part that is publicly visible the others are for security purposes
    Email Address (required)
    Your Email address. Important to use correct one as correspondence and password reset will be sent here. 
    Password (required)
    The password that you will use to log in (choose a strong but memorable one.
    Confirm Password (required)
    Same as above
    Name and Surname (as on ID) (required)
    The name and surname as on your ID document (include second name if you have)
    ID Number (required)
    Your identity number
    Phone Number (required)
    A working contact number.
    About (required)
    Tell us about yourself. This will count towards your membership being approved or not.
    Location (Town, City, Province) (required)
    Where are you located.
    Home Language (required)
    What is your home language
    Membership Type (required): 
    Visitor (post leads only) 
    Provisional Member (South African)
    Member (South African) 
    International Member 

    What type of membership would you like to use. Choose wisely if your membership type and reasons for joining do not correspond your application will be rejected.
    Reason(s) for joining (required)
    What would you like to use sb2sb.com for? Important. This will count towards your membership being approved or not. 
    Your Website (not required)
    If you have a web address add it here, if you don't leave it blank.

    To summarise
    South African Members
    Where to register: https://www.sb2sb.com/register
    Where to pay: https://www.sb2sb.com/subscriptions

    International Members
    Where to register: https://www.sb2sb.com/register
    Where to pay: TransferWise details to be sent via Email

    Signup Procedure

    1. Fill in registration form
    2. Form will be checked and either accepted or rejected
    3. If accepted, once payment has been made your name and ID number will be verified by Home Affairs. If you have been found to provide incorrect details your account will be immediately terminated. If you are not OK with this you should not join. 
    4. Welcome to sb2sb.com

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