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The "Rolex Gang"

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"Rolex gang" is a moniker given to a gang (or gangs) of criminals involved in robbing people of their expensive watches in South Africa. These robberies have become common with plenty of video footage available on the internet. Here are videos from a recent Carte Blanche investigation in which victims were not only robbed but murdered as well. Please note the modus operandi of these criminals and the areas in which they commonly operate and take the necessary precautions and prevent yourself from becoming a victim as you are unlikely to get justice... 



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"Was it sheer incompetence or deliberate bungling?" Both!

It appears that the police went out of their way not to solve this crime in Sandton "Africa's Richest Square Mile".

Interesting that the watch they found two weeks later stopped on the same time as his murder, a method that was used to determine time of death "within a small margin of error" in the Ronald Joseph Platt murder due to Rolex's "perpetual rotor" which transfers energy to the watch, providing a constant and stable power source.

If that was indeed the watch that was found two weeks later (and stolen by the police as inferred), that means that they kept it in their possession, I thought these were more organised outfits that already had buyers lined up but I see in 2017/2018 SAPS annual report (see below) the police said that they killed and jailed members of the "Rolex Gang" so there are probably multiple gangs targeting expensive watches referred to as the "Rolex Gang".

2017/2018 SAPS Annual Report

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