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This section is for Business Idea Generation

Use this if you don’t have a business idea yet and need help choosing the right business for you.

This will be your business description and value proposition part of your business plan.

Please use the following template to guide your questions:

Who are you (employment status, age, dependants, personality type, anything relevant)
What do you know (skills, talents)
Who do you know

Money available
Time available
Effort available

Skills Development
Business Clubs

These questions are necessary to properly help you.
Please note we use practical "effectuation principles" and "not pie in the sky" or "castle in the sky" logic.

Part of this section:
- Effectuation Theory
--Bird in Hand Principle
--Affordable loss Principle
--Crazy Quilt Principle
--Lemonade Principle
--Pilot-in-the-plane Principle

Business Idea Generation

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