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The Secrets of Retailing: Or: how to Beat Wal-Mart! (Hardcover Book)

The Secrets of Retailing: Or: how to Beat Wal-Mart! (Hardcover Book)

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Marc Joseph, retail guru and founder of DollarDays International LLC, is helping thousands of independent retailers compete with the Wal-Marts of the world.
Fifteen years ago, the sleeping giant known as the "super-mega-everything store" reared its massive head in the retail world. Traditional mom-and-pop stores, once the backbone of American business, suddenly found themselves in dire straights.

"How can I help these stores stay afloat?" retail expert Marc Joseph asked himself. His answer: level the playing field between large and small retailers by creating DollarDays International LLC, now a surging internet business that champions the small retailer.

In "Secrets of Retail," Joseph shares practical, "been there, done that" advice on everything from the psychology of buying to hiring employees and working successfully with vendors and promoters. This invaluable book provides expert advice for small retailers, including a step-by-step guide to competing against Wal-Mart and other major chains, how to manage day-to-day operations and procedures ("retail detail") easily and effectively, and how to ensure profits. Joseph covers all the nuts and bolts of setting up shop and building your business, including:

Purchasing merchandise
Selling, promotion and advertising
Hiring employees
Pricing merchandise
Writing a business plan
Exciting your business

Whether youre thinking about starting a business or just need help running the business you currently own, "Secrets of Retail" is the friendly, simple, effective, practical, and all-inclusive guide to success in the business.

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