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  • Business Pages Explained

    Business pages on sb2sb.com contains information about a particular business, the various businesses and models in that industry, what you need to get started, video(s) related to that business and various other components. Business pages are revised all the time and should be considered a living document. You can add any suggestions to the feedback section. Business Pages are one of the most important concepts on sb2sb.com it provides information and contacts around a business in one place.

    Business Pages contains the following components:

    Business Title

    Main Image (an image related to the business)
    Business Overview information about the business including an introduction and summary of the business (unless the business is blatantly obvious). Then an overview what the business entails.
    Businesses and business models. This is the various businesses and business models in the particular industry's supply and value chain.

    Market Opportunity
    It may also contain a "Market Opportunity" section. Read what a market opportunity is.

    Guides & Tips
    This is where guides and tips related to this business are published. This is usually for members only.

    Products & Services (Listings: Materials, Equipment & Services)
    This is where members post business listings related to this business. Membership is required to post listings.

    Business Leads
    This is where buyers post adverts looking for a product or service related to business. This is free to use.

    Business Discussions
    Here is where members can discuss the business. Membership required.

    Different types of business pages
    There are essentially three types of business pages

    1. A business page that has been published. It will be preceded by the URL: sb2sb.com/business/name-of-business and contain the components mentioned above.

    2. A draft business page. It will be preceded by the URL sb2sb.com/draft/name-of-business and contain no other page components. Drafts are provisional pages. A draft is a business page that has been added to the system but has not been added as a business page usually is because it is incomplete or for whatever other reason. Provisional Members (monthly) and Members (annual) can request a draft page be made live. Click here to submit a draft page live request.

    3. A business page not added to system. In this case the business yet has to be added to the system. Only annual members can suggest new pages. Provisional (monthly) members cannot (unless its something really obvious that was omitted).

    Understanding business pages
    It is important to understand business pages to be able to see the big picture. Business pages allow members to "attach" adverts or listings to a particular business or industry. These pages are then promoted meaning our members get exposure. It is also a way to categorise the vast information on sb2sb.com as you can see from the various components on a page.

    Our business pages are work in progress - if you have feedback you can add it here.

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