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  • About khoi.biz

    khoi.biz is a small business community. We connect our members with business ideas, opportunities, guides, tips, training, information and suppliers of materials, equipment and clients to make a success of their business. Our goal is to build a small business eco-system for our members where they can follow structured frameworks.

    We like to see ourselves as a club of like-minded individuals, we believe South Africa's future is not a few large businesses employing many but many small businesses employing few (like our current members). We believe that small scale manufacturing will become more popular in South Africa as it is in other African countries and we are ready to support the transition.

    Our members work across the supply chainsuppliers of raw materials, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. Our platforms connects the supplier of raw materials, to the entrepreneur who turns the raw material into a finished product. 

    Who we are, what we do
    khoi.biz is a B2B (business-to-business) platform for businesses supplying other businesses and people looking to start their own business. We connect suppliers of raw materials with manufacturers, and manufacturers with wholesalers, and wholesalers with retailers. 

    Our membership is open to like minded entrepreneurs who share our ethos and philosophy.

    We like members who have a "find a way or make a way" mentality, who persevere and is not entitled.

    Our Philosophy
    Our philosophy is summed up in our motto: labor omnia vincit (work conquers all) which means that "anything can be achieved if proper work is applied". We are for practical business not unrealistic pie in the sky dreams. If you have a quick buck mentality or want to make millions fast despite having no skills or capital you won't like it here and should probably not join.

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