Main Content is an online platform that connects entrepreneurs with business ideas, opportunities, tips, training, information and suppliers.

We assist people to start their own small business using whatever resources they have. Our goal is to help poor and unemployed people get out of poverty.

We do this in three ways:

1. Starting Information: ideas, types of opportunities, guidance, plans and strategies.
Khoi Capital – Small Business Ideas
Side Business – Sideline Business Ideas to supplement existing income.
Niche Business Ideas – Business ideas focussed on a small subset of a market.
Township Business Ideas – Business ideas that has potential to be started with little capital and appeals to a lower income market.
Luxury Business Ideas
Business Opps – Small Business Opportunities by industry
Small Business PlansAction Plan – Small Business Plans & Strategies
Advertising & Marketing Ideas

2. Implementing Ideas & Opportunities: linking entrepreneurs with opportunities and supplies, materials & equipment needed to run their business.

3. Taking business (product and/or service) to market, local marketing (same province), national marketing (other provinces) and exporting (international markets).